Price and availability is subject to change. Menu items and pricing will differ slightly between our Canton and Wooster locations.


Basil Special Roll $15

Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, scallions, and sprouts with a spicy mayo sauce.

Spicy Crab $11

Crab stick, tempura flakes, and spicy mayo sauce topped with masago.

Spider $13

Soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado, and spicy mayo sauce topped with masago.

Dragon $16

Barbecued eel, crab, and cucumber topped with avocado and eel sauce.

Crunch $9

Crab stick, cucumber avocado, and cream cheese. Tempura battered and fried with spicy mayo sauce.

Shrimp Tempura $11

Tempura battered shrimp, cream cheese and scallions. Topped with sweet mayo.

Tiger $16

Tempura battered shrimp, cucumber and avocado. Topped with ebi and unagi.

Phoenix $13

Tuna and salmon. Topped with masago and spicy mayo.

Spicy Scallop $14

Sweet scallop, tempura flakes, and spicy mayo. Topped with masago.

Rainbow $13

California roll topped with shrimp, tuna, yellowtail, salmon, and avocado.

Volcano $15

California rolled topped with sweet scallops and spicy mayo. Broiled in an open flame.

Lobster Tail $19

4-5 ounce lobster tail baked in butter and garlic. Cream cheese, scallions, and avocado, topped with house sauce.

Ghost Roll $16

Spicy tuna roll topped with tuna, white tuna and tobiko

Summer Roll $14

Tuna, yellow tail, avocado, cucumber and masago, spicy sauce with a light juice.

TJ Roll $16

Spicy tuna, cucumber topped with tuna, avocado, wasabi mayo and sriracha sauce.

Kani Su $9

Crab meat rolled in cucumber.

Shaggy Dog $16

Tempura shrimp, cream cheese, scallion, topped with Kani and eel sauce.


Sushi Sampler $22

2 pieces of sake, maguro, ebi, and hamachi prepared Nigiri style. Served with spicy ahi tuna maki and California roll.

Sushi and Sashimi $29

Medley of nigiri and sashimi cuts.

Sashimi Sampler $25

3 pieces of sake, Shiro maguro, hamachi, and Izumi dai, plus two pieces of tomago all served sashimi style.

Chirashi $20

Medley of chef’s choice sashimi over a bed of seasoned sushi rice.


Egg Roll $2.5

Filled with gourmet cabbage, carrots, onions and pork.

Vegetarian Roll $3

Filled with sauteed Chinese vegetables and fried.

Basil Rolls (2) $8

Shrimp, fresh lettuce, onion, and basil wrapped in a thin rice paper.

Tuna Tataki $16

Lightly seared sushi grade tuna with ponzo sauce and wasabi.

Thai Rolls (6) $7

Fried crispy spring rolls with shrimp and chicken. Served with a thai chili sauce.

Thai Dumplings $8

Steamed shrimp and pork dumplings in a spicy thai garlic sauce. Garnished with dried red onions and fresh cucumbers.

Skewered Beef (4) $7.5

Skewered flank steak marinated in sweet chinese soy sauce. Served on a hot hibachi stone.

Chicken Satay (4) $7.5

Skewered dark meat chicken marinated in thai curry spices.  Served with a sweet peanut sauce and our house thai vinaigrette.

Bon Bon Chicken $8

Lightly battered and fried in a sweet tangy glaze. (Substitute shrimp for an additional $3)

Salt and Pepper $11 or $14

Shrimp or Calamari lightly battered and fried. Tossed in our house salt and pepper blend with scallions and dried chilis over a hot wok.

Crab Rangoon (4) $5

Crispy fried puffs filled with sweet cream cheese, scallions, and crab meat.

Pot Stickers (6) $7

Lightly pan fried and served with our house sauce. (Choice of pork or vegetables)

Tempura Asparagus (6-8) $9

Selected asparagus stalks. Lightly battered and fried. Served with ponzo sauce and house spicy mayo.

Thai Crispy Eggplant $9

Chinese eggplant flash-fried in tempura batter with a spicy Thai sauce.

Szechuan style Mussels $13

Deep-water, half shelled mussels steamed, then tossed with a spicy szechuan sauce.

Spicy Wontons $8

Pork filled wontons, lightly pan fried in a spicy teriyaki sauce. Garnished with green onions. (Add egg for $1.)

Edamame $6

Steamed soybeans. Lightly salted.


Wonton $5

Shrimp and pork dumplings in a chicken broth. Served with scallions and chinese napa cabbage.

Hot and Sour $4.5

Black pepper broth with soft tofu, bamboo, and water chestnuts.

Egg Drop $4.5

Whisked egg whites with soft tofu, bamboo, and water chestnuts.

Tom Yum $5

Chicken or vegetables, Spicy lemongrass, mushrooms, and bamboo (Substitute shrimp for an additional $2.)

Miso $4

Japanese bean paste, seaweed, and tofu.

Coconut $5

Chicken or vegetables Sweet coconut broth, lemongrass, mushrooms, and bamboo. (Substitute shrimp for an additional $2.)

Thai Seafood (for two) $16

Medley of seafood in a spicy lemongrass broth.

Sizzling Rice (for two) $12

Shrimp in a Cantonese chicken broth with peas, carrots, water chestnuts, bamboo and dried rice.


Thai Salad $7

Tossed salad served with a ginger vinaigrette. (Add marinated stir-fry chicken or grilled beef for an additional $3.)

Nam Sod $11

Spicy minced pork, ginger, scallions, and cilantro in a spicy lemongrass dressing. Wedge of lettuce.

Minced Chicken $9

Sauteed with scallions and water chestnuts in a spicy chili sauce. Wedge of lettuce.

Seaweed $6

Seasoned with sesame dressing.

Kani Salad $9

Shredded imitation crab meat mixed with spicy mayo sauce.


Lo mein $4

Sweet coconut rice $3

Stir fry or steamed vegetables $5

Steamed rice $1.5

Ginger side salad $4

Brown rice $2

Plain fried rice $2

Kimchi $3


Spicy Ahi Tuna $7

With cucumber.

Spicy Yellowtail $8

With scallion.

Spicy Salmon $7

California $6.5

Crab stick, cucumber, and avocado.

Unagi $9

Barbecued eel, and cucumber.

Yellowtail and scallion $7

Tekka Kappa $9

Tuna, avocado rolled in cucumber.

Tekka Maki $7

Tuna and cucumber.

Sake Maki $7

Salmon and cucumber

Cucumber $5

Avocado $5

Sweet Potato $8

Tempura fried sweet potato, cream cheese, and scallion.

Philly $9

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber.

Vegetable $6

Cucumber, avocado, carrot.

NIGIRI (2 pieces), SASHIMI (3 pieces) or HAND ROLL (cone)

Kani $5

(Crab Stick)

Maguro $7


Sake $7


Hamachi $7


Ebi $6


Unagi $8


Ikura $7

(Salmon Roe)

Smoked Sake $7


Tako $6


Ika $7


Saba $6


Izumi Dai $7

(Japanese Snapper)

Shiro Maguro $7

(White Tuna)

Hotate $7


Tobiko $6

(Flying Fish Roe)

Masago $6

(Smelt Roe)

Ikura $7

(Salmon Roe)

Tamago $5

(Sweet Egg Omelette)


Pad Thai $10 | $15

Rice noodles stir fried with eggs and green onions with shrimp and chicken. Garnished with ground peanuts and fresh bean sprouts.

Pad See Ew $9 | $14

Rice noodles stir fried with eggs, broccoli, bell peppers, carrots, and onions in a mild soy sauce. Choice of chicken, beef,

pork, or tofu. (Substitute shrimp for an additional $2)

Pad Kee Mao $9 | $14

Rice noodles stir fried with vegetables and basil in a spicy soy sauce. Choice of chicken, beef, pork, or tofu. (Substitute shrimp for an additional $2)

Lo Mein $9 | $12

Egg noodles stir fried with onions, carrots, and bean sprouts in a sweet teriyaki sauce. Choice of chicken, beef, pork, or tofu. (Substitute shrimp for an additional $2)

Coconut Spaghetti $10 | $15

Mandarin egg noodles tossed with vegetables, shrimp, and pork in a sweet mild coconut sauce.

Thai Spaghetti $10 | $15

Mandarin egg noodles tossed with vegetables, shrimp, and pork in a spicy thai basil sauce.

Pan Fried Noodles $9 | $13

Mandarin style fried noodles. Topped with vegetables in a teriyaki sauce. Choice of chicken, beef, pork, or tofu.

(Substitute shrimp for an additional $2)

Vietnamese Phó $11.5

Rice noodles in a slow-cooked Vietnamese beef broth. Topped with onions and thinly sliced beef. Garnished with fresh bean sprouts and basil.

Korean Spicy Jam Bowl Soup $17

Egg noodles in a spicy chicken broth with seafood and topped with minced pork. Served with spicy korean kimchi.

Singapore Noodles $16

Vermicelli rice noodles stir fried with shrimp and ground pork. Tossed with Chinese cabbage, egg and fresh bean sprouts in a mild curry sauce.


Choice of protein: chicken, beef, pork or tofu. Garnished with scallion and cucumbers. Shrimp: add $2.

House fried rice $10

Wok tossed rice with eggs, carrots, peas, and onions.

Curry fried rice $10

House fried rice with spicy curry seasonings.

Hibachi fried rice $10

Zucchini, onions, and bean sprouts in a buttery sauce.

Pineapple fried rice $10

House fried rice with pineapple chunks in a sweet sauce.


Bangkok Fish $19

Tilapia filet. Lightly battered and fried. Topped with spicy basil thai sauce.

Crystal Shrimp $18

Jumbo shrimp stir fried with pea pods, mushrooms, and Chinese vegetables in a ginger wine sauce.

Curry Fish Tilapia filet $20

Lightly battered and fried. Topped with choice of house curry sauces and vegetables.

Green Mango Grouper $22

Lightly battered grouper topped with shredded mango, diced onions, bell peppers and fresh basil.

Dragon and Phoenix $18

Stir fried chicken, shrimp, baby corn, carrots, water chestnuts, and pea pods in a Cantonese white wine sauce.

Triple Delicacy $19

Shrimp, chicken, beef, and scallions stir fried in a sesame sauce.

Spicy Garlic Fish $19

Grouper filet, Lightly battered and fried. Topped with spicy garlic glaze, diced onions and bell peppers.

Szechuan Duck $24

Show-roasted, deboned, topped with vegetables in a spicy szechuan sauce.

Happy Family $19

Chicken, shrimp, scallop, mixed vegetables with brown sauce.

Hot Plate $17

Mushrooms, pea pods, water chestnuts, broccoli, red peppers and bamboo stir fried table-side on a sizzling skillet with brown sauce.

Korean Sizzling Steak $19

Tender, marinated beef in a sweet Korean barbecue sauce, served on a hot skillet.

Bistro Seafood fried rice $16

Shrimp, imitation crab meat, and calamari in a buttery sauce.


Choice of chicken, pork, beef or tofu unless otherwise noted. Shrimp: add $2. Come with choice of steamed white rice or brown rice. Fried rice: add $2.

Prik Pao $14

Green beans, mushroom, red pepper, onion, carrot, and basil in a Thai spicy house sauce.

Red Curry $10| $15

Bamboo, carrots, onions, and bell peppers.

Green Curry $10 | $15

Green beans, onions, bell peppers, peas, and carrots.

Avocado Curry $10 | $15

Green beans, red peppers, onions, and fresh avocado sauteed in our curry blend. Garnished with ground peanuts.

Spicy Peanut Curry $10 | $15

Onions, carrots, bell peppers, and roasted peanuts in our spicy curry blend.

Siam Curry $15

Baby corn, broccoli, red peppers, onion, and carrot, with a spicy curry blend.

Phuket Curry $10 | $15

Mushrooms, red peppers, onions, and asian eggplant.

Sriracha $10 | $14

Onions, carrots, bamboo, pea pods, and bell peppers in a roasted chili sauce.

Thai Cashew $10 | $15

Roasted cashews, scallions, green beans, red peppers, and baby corn in a chili wine sauce.

Pa Nang $10 | $14

Steamed chicken tossed in a savory red curry sauce with basil leaves.

Pataya $10 |$14

Red peppers, mushrooms, pea pods, baby corn and onions. Sauteed in sweet, spicy chili sauce.


Mango Stir Fry $9.5 | $15

Broccoli, carrots, onions, and fresh mango in a sweet mango sauce.

Basil Stir Fry $9.5 | $14

Bell peppers, onions, and green beans in a spicy basil sauce.

Asparagus Stir Fry $9.5 | $14

Asparagus, mushrooms, red peppers, and baby corn in a mild wine sauce.

Gan Pan Chicken $9.5 | $14

Lightly battered and flash fried. Tossed with sweet gan pan sauce with peas and carrots.

Honey Sesame Chicken $9.5 | $14

Lightly battered white meat chicken. Tossed in our house honey sauce over a bed of lettuce.

Spicy Garlic Chicken $9.5 | $14

Lightly battered and flash fried. Diced peppers, onions, and garlic in a tangy glaze.

Orange Glaze $9.5 | $14

Lightly battered and deep fried chicken. Tossed in our spicy garlic sauce with orange peels.

Walnut Glaze $10.5 | $16

Lightly battered and flash fried chicken. Tossed in a sweet garlic glaze with roasted walnuts, peas, and carrots.

Crispy Pineapple Chicken $9.5 | $14

Lightly battered and flash fried. Tossed with pineapples, onions, and red peppers in a sweet pineapple glaze.

Kung Pao $9.5 | $14

Stir fried roasted peanuts, scallions, and chili peppers in a spicy teriyaki sauce.

Szechuan $9.5 | $14

Green peppers, water chestnuts, bamboo, and mushrooms in a spicy szechuan wine sauce.

General Tso Chicken $9.5 |$14

Lightly battered and deep fried. Tossed in a spicy garlic sauce with scallions and chili peppers.

Hot Pepper $9.5 | $14

Stir fried onions and fresh jalapenos in a spicy wine sauce.

Hunan $9.5 | $14

Carrots, broccoli, mushrooms, and baby corn in a spicy hunan wine sauce.

Moo Goo Gai Pan $9.5 | $14

Mushrooms, carrots, water chestnuts, bamboo, broccoli, and peapods in a mild ginger wine sauce.

Sweet and Sour $9.5 | $14

Lightly battered and deep fried. Bell peppers, onions, and pineapples.

Pepper Steak $9.5 | $14

Bamboo, onions, and bell peppers. Tender stir fried beef in a mild brown sauce. 

Mongolian Stir Fry $9.5 | $14

Onions, in a light wine sauce over a bed of crispy rice noodles.

Stir-Fry Medley $9.5 | $14

Peapods, mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, and sweet onions in a mild garlic wine sauce.

Garlic Eggplant $9.5 | $14

Lightly battered and fried asian eggplant with bell peppers and onions in a mild garlic wine sauce.

Gourmet Tofu $9.5 | $14

Stir fried with red peppers, mushrooms, onions, and green beans in a mild wine sauce.

Braised Bean Curd $9.5 | $14

Fried tofu, pea pods, mushrooms, carrots, bamboo, water chestnuts, and baby corn in a mild brown sauce.

Vegetable Deluxe $8.5 | $13

Medley of vegetables in a mild stir fry sauce.

All entrees come with a choice of steamed white rice, brown rice, or fried rice. (During dinner, fried rice is an additional $2) Entrees are made with a choice of chicken, beef, pork or tofu unless otherwise noted. (Substitute shrimp for an additional $2).

All items subject to availability. Prices may change without notice. All items also available for carryout. 

Price and availability is subject to change. Menu items and pricing will differ slightly between locations.